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Holistic Skin Care

"Surveys suggest that around 54% of the UK population experience a skin condition in a given twelve month period. Most (69%) self-care, with around 14% seeking further medical advice, usually from the doctor or nurse in the community. The most common skin conditions are eczema, psoriasis and acne."
University of Nottingham 2009


From my experience, skin issues are far more common in the UK than this study suggests and that sufferers are closer to the 70-80% mark in the UK in 2015. I see many people with skin conditions and the primary cause is stress. The skin is the furthest perimeter of the body, so a skin condition is a sign the body is trying to push the issue as far away as possible from the organs. What we can be grateful for with anything to do with the skin is that we can see it! This makes it far easier to deal with.

The root of any skin problem is the state of the gut so any Joy Health Holistic Skin Care session will cover both internal and external healing and recommendations.


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Testimonials for Holistic Skin Care

"I came to Nicky with psoriasis on many parts of my body. After a detox diet, meditation and treatments the condition completely disappeared.”